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Roll With It Infused roller created for headaches, anxiety, focus and stress.


Ingrdients:  orange 🍊 essential oil good for focus and nausea, Peppermint great for headaches, digestion and gas, wintergreen is awesome for muscle and joint pain and chamomile and gotu kola is awesome for depression, stress, pms and allergies. Each essential oil has many more benefits these are just a few of each. Ways to use: roll in the back of neck and on trapezius muscle, inside wrists, on the thyroid gland or on the bottom of the feet.

Children are sensitive, please use caution and only roll on the bottom of their feet.


Disclaimer: this is not meant to treat or heal and disease or condition. Please consult your Dr. before use if you have any concerns with the ingredients. Ingredients: avocado oil, wintergreen,chamomile, orange and peppermint, essential oil, cbd oil

Essential Oil Infused Essential Oil Roller

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