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The Story of Green & Fit Mama

About Me

Aloha!  I'm Jodi, creator and owner of Green & Fit Mama. I was born and raised in Hawaii on Oahu. 
My passion is natural health and fitness. I love using all sorts of superfoods, herbs, vitamins and minerals to make delicious raw energy bars as well as food based supplements. I believe that good clean foods are the best sources of medicine. When you learn to nourish your body from within, your body functions properly. Disease cannot survive in an alkaline body, but when your body is acidic, disease sets in. My original creation was the raw superfood bar. This love for superfoods led me to create a line of superfood based supplements that's continuously expanding! 

I now have a Strong is Beautiful Fit Collection, shop those now on my site!
Love Your Body. Eat Real Food. Food is Medicine.
Xo, Jodi

"I give you every seed bearing plant as food." Genesis 1:29

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