GIFT SETThis roller set will include all three of my hemp infused rollers.HIAMOE sleep rollerRoll this on your temples back of your neck over your forehead and the bottom of your feet and rub in. Use right before going to bed only. Ingredients- jojoba oil, Hawaii grown hemp oil, lavender and chamomile essential oils, dried lavender flowers, loveROLL WITH IT- headache, anxiety, focus, stress roller. This can be used throughout the day by rolling it on your temples and back of your neck and rubbing it in. Smell the excess essential oils on your fingers for a great absorption of the essential oils to your limbic system of your brain. Ingredients avocado oil, how are you grown hemp oil, orange, chamomile, peppermint and wintergreen essential oils, loveLOVE YOUR GUTS-My newest Hawaiian hemp infused roller is for digestive issues such as bloat, nausea, acid reflux, heartburn and can be rolled on your stomach and intestinal area and massaged in lightly. For nausea related issues take the cap off and smell the essential oil. Ingredients-avocado oil, Hawaii hemp oil, cardamom, peppermint, orange, ginger, fennel and star anise essential oils, dried organic peppermint leaves, love

Gift Set Triple Power- Infused Rollers