Immunity Bundle is the way to go if you would like to save money on both products!

This set includes:

1 4oz. Honey Love Immunity Honey

Immunity honey was created out of a need for a natural cough remedy for my dad. This is an over all immunity honey to get the benefits of vitamins, minerals, herbs and superfoods all into one infused honey. This can be taken everyday (about 1-2tsp) or just when you feel like you are coming down with a cold or infection. Also great in hot water or tea. Ingredients: Organic honey, apple cider vinegar, elderberry extract, cloves, zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and reishi. Please do not use if allergic to honey and do not give to children under age one. Disclaimer: this is not meant to treat or heal any disease or condition. Please contact your Dr. if you have any concern with any ingredients. 1-2 tsp per day 4oz. Jar store in refrigerator.


2. 4oz. Elderberry Syrup

ELDERBERRY✨ I’m sure you’ve heard of it, especially now with everyone trying to boost immunity. @greenandfitmama Elderberry Syrup contains the extract of the berries along with raw organic honey 🍯 also high in minerals and vitamins, cinnamon a powerful spice known to control sugar levels in the body, clove is known to kill parasites plus is smells n tastes great and zinc, a mineral many are deficient in that helps boost immunity.Ingredients are extract from organic elderberries, organic raw honey, cloves, cinnamon, and zinc. 1tsp per day for maintenance Up to 3-4 tsp throughout the day if fighting any type of illness.Do not give to any child under one year of age.


*Note that the elderberry when ordered online will come in the botle not the jar.


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